Some Final Words by Thomas Newberry (1811-1901)


In Mr. Newberry’s final years he became blind. During that time he wrote the following words:

Time was when to read was a pleasure,
To search out the truth a delight.
Time was when my pen was my treasure,
In practice both morning and night.

But though I can read no longer,
And though I can write no more,
Yet now I can think and ponder
As I never could think before.

What tho’ light may fade from the vision,
And sound fall more dull on the ear,
If truth to the soul’s intuition
Stands forth yet more certain and clear.

The letter of Scripture I’ve tested,
Its grammar, precision, and sense;
But now every line is invested
With spirit and life more intense.

The light of the Father there shining
Is seen in the face of the Son;
The Spirit’s effulgence combining
These radiant glories in one.

“I thank Thee, O Father”, said Jesus,
“For so it seemed good in Thy sight”;
And whatever He doeth shall please us,
For we know all His counsels are right.

Thomas Newberry (1811-1901)

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