Resource Highlight – Barrington Gospel Hall (Podcast).

Those familiar with the Bible teaching of Dr. Sandy Higgins will be delighted to discover that his home assembly, Barrington Gospel Hall, NJ, regularly uploads select ministry and gospel messages weekly. Individual sermons and series are made available by both the website provided below and apple podcasts. I recently enjoyed a series by John Grant on Paul’s Letter to the Romans. He took up select chapters while providing a helpful overview of the letter. Other familiar teachers make appearances like Malcolm Radcliffe and Eugene Higgins. Overall, I’ve been both pleased and helped by the resource graciously set up by the believers at the Barrington Gospel Hall. This one warrants a hit of the ‘subscribe’ button.

Below is a link to their website.1 You can also find them by typing “Barrington Gospel Hall” in the search bar on Apple Podcasts.

1 –

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