“A Greater Than Solomon Is Here” – A. J. Higgins.

“A greater than Solomon is here” were words that the Lord Jesus uttered to an unbelieving audience in His day. He was not boasting nor was He exaggerating. Solomon and his kingdom were marked by greatness and glory. Yet a greater than Solomon came into our world. He is not greater than Solomon because of the defects in Solomon; He is greater than Solomon even at Solomon’s greatest strengths.

Christ is greater in Wisdom. He is the Wonderful-Counselor; He did not receive wisdom as a gift from God. He is wisdom embodied in a man. While He grew in wisdom according to Dr. Luke (Luke 2:52), that wisdom was the result of omniscience being applied to real-life situations which He had never been subject to in heaven. He never knew subjection to peasant parents in heaven. There was never a time when the specter of unbelief raised against Him had to be endured in an eternity past.

Christ is greater than Solomon in His Wealth. He is the One Who being rich became poor (2 Cor 8:9). Solomon’s kingdom was marked by gold in abundance. Material wealth was the hallmark of his reign. Yet there was One Who exceeded him in wealth. The cattle upon the hills were His; the entire universe with its millions of galaxies belonged to Him. So great was His wealth that he is beyond any contribution. His greatness is unsearchable.

Christ was greater than Solomon in His dealings with Women. Solomon was marked here by weakness. Another man, Joseph, wisely ran from a wicked woman who suggested adultery. The Lord Jesus met an adulterous woman at the well and did not have to run; He was able to forgive and change her. The woman taken in adultery in John 8 was able to leave with His words bringing comfort to her conscience and heart, and very likely tears to her eyes: “Neither do I condemn thee; go and sin no more” (John 8:11).

Christ was greater than Solomon in His Workmanship. Solomon’s temple was, in the words of David, “exceeding magnifical.” But a day arrived when that temple with all its splendor was destroyed, its treasures removed to Babylon, and its glory only a distant memory. The Lord Jesus Christ is also a builder; but what He has built will never be destroyed. He is the Stone that will one day smite the image and establish a kingdom which shall “never be destroyed” and which shall “stand forever” (Dan 2:44).

Christ is greater than Solomon in the Welfare of His Kingdom. Solomon’s kingdom was marked by an abundance and variety (1 Kings 4:22, 23). The table must have groaned under the weight of all that graced it for Solomon’s feasts. The cooks must have been laboring from morning until night to prepare all that he required for his table. But it is very likely that an elite few sat round that table. Ambassadors, high ranking officials, visiting dignitaries, and Solomon’s inner circle no doubt feasted together. But what of the poor and needy? It will require the advent of the greater than Solomon Who will care for them. Psalm 72 reveals His special interest in those who are disenfranchised, marginalized, and viewed as dispensable (Psalm 72:4, 12, 13, 14).

The only reasonable conclusion at which one can arrive is that Christ is greater in His Worth than the greatest man who has lived. Scripture speaks of Him as greater than Moses (Heb 3:3), Jonah (Matt 12:41), Jacob (John 4:12), and Abraham (John 8:53). He is greater than the greatest, wiser than the wisest, kinder than the kindest, and more skillful than the most skillful.”1

1- A. J. Higgins, Ritchie Character Study Series: Solomon, (Kilmarnock, Scotland: John Ritchie Publishing, 2017), pg. 18-19.

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