Select Resources For A Season Of Social Distancing: Round 2.

The purpose of this article is to pass along a list (not exhaustive and not in any particular order) of Biblical resources/media that can be an encouragement to the Lord’s people during this season of social distancing. These are resources that I’ve enjoyed recently or am currently making my way through. I trust that this brief article will be a help and a blessing to you in the days ahead and that these recommendations will play a small part in helping us to fix “our eyes on Jesus” (Heb. 12:2, NASB).

  • Last week I pointed you towards a 3 part series on Youtube hosted by Dale Vitale and Mckeesport Gospel Hall called ‘Dealing with Troubled Times.’ Since then, they have uploaded more videos, and have released a new 3 part series called ‘We Do Not Lose Heart.’ The first video can be found below along with a stand-alone video message entitled, ‘Suffering? Why?’
  • This week features a new series hosted by David Petterson and the Denver Gospel Hall entitled ‘ Hope From Habakkuk: When God Doesn’t Make Sense.’ The first video in this 3 part series is found below.
  • From the website: “Primarily, exists for the edification, encouragement and enlightenment of believers in their personal walk with God. As such its format is intended to be devotional. For example, we are hoping to launch a series on ‘The Attributes of God’ soon in the New Year and this could be approached from many different angles, but our focus will be to engender a deeper devotion to our God by drawing out aspects of His person and character.” This site contains a variety of articles ranging from Bible book overviews to highlighting hymns and poems, book reviews to apologetics. A little something for everyone with contributions coming from many local assemblies. Link below.

  • This site contains quite a vast library of free e-books for your preferred device. Those who enjoy Puritan literature will be happy with the selection.
    Disclaimer: There is a heavy Reformed influence in the library provided. By referring readers to this site in no way, shape, or form implies that I agree with all the theology, ecclesiology, etc. found in the literature on this site. Link below.

  • STEM publishing continues to be a go-to resource for me. Here you will primarily find early Brethren literature. It truly is a treasure trove of teaching and encouragement. You can either read right from the site or download the required resource in e-book format for your preferred device. Link below.

  • As per the Ottawa Gospel Hall:

” Special prayer for brother Jim Jarvis and Marvin Derkson who are starting an online gospel series starting tonight at 7PM. Register here: ID: 537 996 7193.”

“Another online gospel series happening this week, running April 1-3rd 6PM EST Speakers are Brody Thibodeau & Jon Procopio.”

  • The Langstaff assembly has started a podcast page. They upload messages quite frequently, every few days or so. Link below.

Once again, these are just a few of the resources that are out there. Please pass along any that have been a help specifically to you. Praying this will be an encouragement and a blessing to the Lord’s people.

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